Magnesium chloride is used for de-icing, dust suppression, pharmaceutical formulations, and as a mineral supplement. To make impact resistant, flame retardant and antistatic floors, in manufacture of abrasives, in textile processing and for numerous other applications.
  Typical Analysis of Export Grade Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate Flakes (MgCl26H2O)
  MgCl26H2O % by mass   98.0
  Matter insoluble in water, % by mass   0.01
  Sulphate (as SO4), % by mass   0.05
  Calcium (as Ca), % by mass   Nil
  Iron (as Fe), PPM   Nil
  Heavy metals (as Pb), PPM   Nil
  Boron (as B) PPM   33
  Nickel (as Ni), PPM   Nil
  Arsenic (as As), PPM   Nil
  Acidity (as HCI), % by mass   Passes test
  Alkali Chloride (as NaCL),% by mass   1.0
  Ammonium Salts (as N)   0.006
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